Clevo LC32BA122, C4500BAT-6 11.1V 5600mAh original batteries

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Original for  Clevo LC32BA122, C4500BAT-6 laptop batteries

  • Battery rating: 11.1V
  • Battery capacity: 5600mAh (62.16Wh)
  • Battery cells: 6-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.

 Replace Part Number:
 Clevo 6-87-C450S-4R4, 6-87-C480S-4G41, 6-87-C480S-4G48, 6-87-C480S-4P4, 6-87-C480S-4P41, 6-87-C480S-4P42, 6-87-C480S-4P43, 6-87-E412-4D7, 6-87-E412S-4D7, 6-87-E412S-4D7A, 6-87-E412S-4Y4A, C4500BAT-6GigabyteSagerAveratecLC32BA122SchenkerFounder

Compatible Laptop Models:
Clevo W251H, W25xES, W240EU Series, W270ES, W271CZ, W170ER Series, W270HNQ, W253C, W27xB, W150HR Series, W240C, W270HUQ, W253HSQ, W27xH, W150HN Series, W271CZQ, W255BW, W150ER Series, W271ELQ, W255H, C5505C Series, W255HUQ, C5500Q Series, W250EUQ, W258BW, W255HU, C4500Q Series, W250HUQ, W258CZQ, W258EU, B7130 Series, W251BUQ, W258H, W250HUQ Series, B5100M Series, W251CUQ, W258WSQ, W240HU Series, W251EG, W251HNQ, W25xH, W170HR Series, W270EUQ, W271EFQ, W150HRQ Series, W24BHU, W270HPQ, W253CUQ, W27xC, W150HNQ Series, 240CU, W271, W255B, W150HM Series, 271EFQ, W255C, NKC5101, W150DAQ Series, W271EUQ, W255HN, C5505 Series, W250, W244HU, W258B, C5105 Series, W250H, W253HU, W258BWQ, W255HS, W150ERM, W258ES, W252EU, B7110 Series, W251BWQ, W258HPQ, W250ES Series, B4105 Series, W251EFQ, W25xC, W240EUQ Series, W270ELQ, W270HU, W170HN Series, W270H, W271EU, W150HRM Series, W240BU, W270HSQ, w253CUQ1, W27xE, W150HNM Series, W271BUQ, W255BU, T5101, W150ERQ Series, W271EGQ, W255CU, W253HUQ, W255HP, C5500QC Series, W250ES, W258BUQ, W270EN, C5100Q Series, W250HU, W258CUQ, W255EU, W251B, W150Ex, W258ESQ, W270CZ, B5130M Series, W251C, W258HUQ, W250EUQ Series, B4100M Series, W251HSQ, W25AEF, W150HR, W25AEU, W150ER, W150DAQ, W150HN, W150HRQ, W270EGQ, W251HU, T5100, W25AES, W150HRM, W251, W150HNM, W170HN, W251HPQ, W251HUQ, W25ACU, W25AEN, W150ERQ, W255, C4100 Series, W150HNQ, W270BUQ, W24AHU, W240H, W170ER, W240EU, W24AEU, W170HR, w240hu, C4500 Series, W240EUQ, T510x, W150 Series, C4500Q, C4500GigabyteQ1732NSagerNP7130, NP6175, NP6165, NP5160, NP3265, NP3260, NP2252, NP2240, NP516x, NP2252 Series, NP5165 Series, NP2240 Series, NP7130 Series, NP6175 Series, NP6165 Series, NP5175 Series, NP5160 Series, NP5135 Series, NP5125 Series, NP3260 Series, NP5135, NP5125, NP5165, NP5175AveratecSchenkerXMG A701, mySN XESIA E500, mySN XESIA E510 Entry, mySN XMG A502, mySN XMG A702, XMG A702, mySN XESIA E500 Entry, mySN XMG A501, mySN XMG A700, XMG A700, XMG A501, mySN XESIA E510, mySN XMG A500, mySN XMG A701FounderFRNX916K/KD

Laptop battery and ac adapter Tips

All of our Clevo LC32BA122, C4500BAT-6 11.1V 5600mAh original batteries was certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 to ensure high-quality and standards, You can buy with confidence!

We mainly sell original notebook batteries and laptop ac adapter. All of our products have been rigorously tested for reliability and safety to ensure high-quality and standards.The Clevo LC32BA122, C4500BAT-6 11.1V 5600mAh original batteries have much Longer lasting life and Longer standby time.It is 100% compatible with your laptop!We guarantee our products for 1 year and we offer a 30 days money-back refund on every notebook battery and ac adapter we sell.

In order to choose correct products, please carefully confirm your computer model,accessories specifications and dimensions when purchasing Clevo LC32BA122, C4500BAT-6 11.1V 5600mAh original batteries.

When purchasing a battery or adapter, please write your own computer model and we will check if it matches the product you purchased.

How to choose correct battery?

The shape of laptop battery and the location of connection must be as same as your original battery.
Your battery part number or laptop model is listed on the compatibility list before making a purchase.
10.8v and 11.1 are compatible
14.4v and 14.8v are compatible
The 10.8v(=11.1v) and 14.4v(=14.8v) are the different voltages. They are not compatible. Please ensure you choose the right battery for your laptop.

You also can send the picture of your old battery to us and we can help you to choose it.


Shipping & Payment

After receiving your order,we require some time to test the product to ensure its quality.The average processing time is 3 working days. The shipping methods we choose e-packet,usps,dhl or fedex.Normally it need 10-15 days can arrive by you.
For all shipping methods, you could track here:

For payment,we accepts PayPal,Credit Cards,Wire Transfer,Westem Union, as secure payment methods.


30-Days Money Back Guarantee
We promise that if you are not satisfied with Clevo LC32BA122, C4500BAT-6 11.1V 5600mAh original batteries which you ordered, you can return the Clevo LC32BA122, C4500BAT-6 11.1V 5600mAh original batteries and we will refund the amount you spent on the purchase within 30 days.

One-Year Warranty
We are absolutely confident of our Clevo LC32BA122, C4500BAT-6 11.1V 5600mAh original batteries and offer one year warranty on all products .

100% Security Payment
For the security of your account, our payment methods are safe and trustworthy. We protect every client's privacy, so please buy with confidence!

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