Msi BTY-L74, BTY-L75 11.1V 6600mAh Laptop Battery

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Q: How long is the battery life?
Our battery was tested and checked well before shipment. Under the normal using condition, the life of the lithium battery is about 800-1000 times of cycles, so usually as far as possible to use the fast end (5-7%) in charge, the average use time is 5 to 8 years.
Q: How do I find the right battery?
Our search tool at the top of the website should give you the best results. Search by brand or part number to see if we have the right match for you.
Q: Need you charge battery for 12 hours in the first use?
No. Our batteries are lithium-ion batteries without memory effects. When the battery is fully charged, the charging current will be cut off automatically. Charging for 12 hours is wasting time.
Q: How to check if this battery is compatible with my laptop?
First, find out the part number of your old battery or the model name of your laptop (e.g. 'Dell Alienware M15X') and then match it with our product compatibility table. Second, please compare your old battery with our product images to make sure their shapes are the same. Finally, check the voltage (rating) is the same as the old one.
Q: How should we test battery?
1. Check if the customer has purchased the correct battery.
2. Check the battery's appearance and interface.
3. Test the battery's charger and recharge function.
4. Charger the battery to 100% and recharge to 0% to get the real battery's capacity.
5. Use Ev2300 to check the voltage difference of each group cell.
6. Charger battery power of more than 30%.
7. Package the battery carefully and send it out.
Q: How to replace and install my battery?
1. Turn your laptop over.
2. Find out the battery release button lock.
3. Press the battery release button, and pull the battery out of the laptop gently.
4. Insert the battery into the slot. Push your battery to the laptop and secure it in place.
Q: How to maintain my battery to extend its life?
1. Tweak Your Built-In Power Saving Options.
2. Adjust the brightness of your laptop display as much as possible within an acceptable range.
3. Disable unnecessary programs that draw energy from your notebook.
4. Keep your laptop and battery in a cool dry place.
5. Avoid Full Discharge.
Msi 91NMS17LD4SU1    Msi 91NMS17LF6SU1    Msi 957-173XXP-101    Msi 957-173XXP-102    Msi BTY-L74    Msi BTY-L75    Msi MS-1681    Msi MS-1682    Msi MS-1683    Msi MS-1689    Msi MS-168A    Msi MS-168B    Msi MS-1731    Msi MS-1733    Msi MS-1734    Msi MS-1736    Msi MS-1737    MsiCX500-607SK    Msi CX700 ALL SERIES    Msi CX623-033    Msi A6200-040US    Msi CX623-P6033W7P    Msi A7200-CP6103    Msi CR630-044PL    Msi CR610-003HU    Msi CX500-299    Msi CR700-034    Msi CR700-068XEU    Msi CX500-T4543W7P    Msi CR700-1734    Msi CX623-043    Msi A6200-021US    Msi A6200-491US    Msi CR600-013US    Msi CR630-025XHU    Msi CR610-006NE    Msi CX500-403XBL    Msi CR700-200BE    Msi CX600-063US    Msi CR610-3801    Msi CX623-051NE    Msi A6200-041US    Msi CR610 Series    Msi CR630-020NE    Msi CR610-051    Msi CX500-408IT    Msi CX620-013XEU    Msi CX623-055XHU    Msi A6200-262C    Msi CR630-010X    Msi CR610-007PL    Msi CX500-416XEU    Msi CR700-070XSK    Msi CX620-061    Msi CX623-073CZ    Msi A6200-461US    Msi CR610-0W1XBL    Msi CR620-692US    Msi CR610-091XBL    Msi CX500-428LUA    Msi CR700-063X    Msi CX623-006BE    Msi CX623-079XPL    Msi A6205 SERIES    Msi CR610-028X    Msi CR620-223US    Msi CR610-M320    Msi CX500-431UA    Msi CR700-231    Msi CX623-014XEU    Msi CX623-085BE    Msi A6203-097C    Msi CR610-031LRU    Msi CR620-030US    Msi CX500-444NL    Msi CR700X-029EU    Msi CX623-018XBL    Msi CX623-088X    Msi A6300 SERIES    Msi CR610-070X    Msi CR720-690US    Msi CR620 Series    Msi CX500-472    Msi CX600-064UK    Msi CX623-02    Msi A6000-030US    Msi CX623-168A    Msi A6300-089C    Msi CR630-V1225W7P    Msi C61M32-HDSB    Msi CX500-004RU    Msi CR700-047US    Msi CX500-490L    Msi CX700 Series    Msi CX623-022XHU    Msi A6000-226US    Msi CX623-AS    Msi CR630-P3443W7P    Msi CR610-M1025W7P    Msi CX500-016RU    Msi CR700-099NL    Msi CX500-498    Msi A6005 Series    Msi CX623-025NE    Msi A6200-059US    Msi CX623-I5443W7P    Msi A7200-018US    Msi CR630-088XYU    Msi CX500-037LRU    Msi CR700-211    Msi CX500-604XBL    Msi CX500-DX-638SK    Msi CX700-053USK0910000533    Msi CX623-033FR    Msi A6200-038US    Msi CX700-020US    Msi A7200-CP6103W7H    Msi CR600 Series    Msi CR630-043XPL    Msi CR610-005    Msi CX500-299XEU    Msi CR700-075    Msi CR700-211FR    Msi CX500-T6602G50SX    Msi CR610-6891    Msi CX623-048XUA    Msi A6200-060US    Msi A6200-492    Msi CR600-017US    Msi CR630-024XCZ    Msi CR610-033    Msi CX500-404X    Msi CR700-202XEU    Msi CX600-T4343W7P    Msi CR610 C61M32-HDSB    Msi CX623-052CZ    Msi A6200-216C    Msi CR610-001NL    Msi CR630-018NL    Msi CR610-058PL    Msi CX500-414    Msi CR700-T3035FD    Msi CX620-019NE    Msi CX623-056    Msi A6200-220US    Msi CR610-013UK    Msi CR630-009    Msi CR610-009PL    Msi CX500-419XHU    Msi CR700-220XCZ    Msi CX620-223BE    Msi CX623-076XHU    Msi A6200-489US    Msi CR610-050BE    Msi CR620-691US    Msi CR610-092XAR    Msi CX500-429LUA    Msi CR700-060X    Msi CX623-007NE    Msi CX623-081NL    Msi A6205-046RU    Msi CR610-026XCZ    Msi CR620-033US    Msi CR610-0W2XEU    Msi CX500-432UA    Msi CR700-205NE    Msi CX623-015CZ    Msi CX623-087X    Msi A6203-098FR    Msi CR610-063BE    Msi CR600-076US    Msi CX500-457    Msi CR700-085FR    Msi CX623-019X    Msi A6000 MS1683 SERIES    Msi CX623-088XHU    Msi A6300-045C    Msi CR610-081XHU    Msi CR630-034X    Msi CR700 Series    Msi CX500-472RU    Msi CX600-049US    Msi CX623-020CZ    Msi CX623-201    Msi A6300-036F    Msi CR630-V1225FD    Msi CR610-M1005Q    Msi CX500-006    Msi CR700-204BE    Msi CX500-492    Msi CX605 Series    Msi CX623-023NL    Msi A6005-201US 6100-CM1205    Msi CX623-I3743W7P    Msi A6400-042US    Msi CR630-BLU-RAY    Msi CR610-M1226W7P    Msi CX500-026L    Msi CR700-013NL    Msi CX500-498RU    Msi A7200 Series    Msi CX623-028BL    Msi A6200-248US    Msi CX623-I5647W7P    Msi CR630-056    Msi CR610-075AR    Msi CX500-296BE    Msi CR700-024    Msi CX500-605XEU    Msi CR700-071XHU    Msi CX500-DX-639XEU    Msi CX700-1731    Msi CX623-034IT    Msi A6200-039US    Msi A6200-491    Msi A7200-CP4603A    Msi CR630-042PL    Msi CR610-006    Msi CX500-402XHU    Msi CR700-2226    Msi CX500-T6648W7P    Msi CR610-6890    Msi CX623-049NL    Msi A6200-206US    Msi A6200-492US    Msi CR600-234US    Msi CR630-022XIT    Msi CX610-050BE    Msi CX500-406TR    Msi CR700-223LRU    Msi CX620-008XEU    Msi CX623-054XEU    Msi A6200-215C    Msi CR610-011IT    Msi CR630-015CZ    Msi CR610-059PL    Msi CX500-414IT    Msi CR700-038PL    Msi CX620-035AU    Msi CX623-058XBY    Msi A6200-462US    Msi CR610-016UK    Msi CR630-002XUA    Msi CR610-070XEU    Msi CX500-427LUA    Msi CR700-223L    Msi CX623-005NL    Msi CR720    Msi CX623-079PL    Msi A6200-689US    Msi CR610-060XPL    Msi CR620-690US    Msi CR610-097RU    Msi CX500-430LUA    Msi CR700-221XSK    Msi CX623-01    Msi CX623-084NL    Msi CR610-027XSK    Msi CR620-031US    Msi CR610-061XPL    Msi CX500-441XCN    Msi CR700-T6600    Msi CX623-017XHU    Msi CX623-087XEU    Msi A6203-217FR    Msi CR610-028XHU    Msi CR720-265US    Msi CX500-457RU    Msi CX600 Series    Msi CX623-019XEU    Msi CX623-096UK    Msi A6300-234US    Msi CX500 Series    Msi CR700-012US    Msi CX500-476L    Msi CX-600-T4343W7P    Msi CX623-021SK    Msi CX623-219    Msi A6300-055X    Msi CR630-V1216FD    Msi CR610-M1023W7P    Msi CX500-010TR    Msi CR700-017CA    Msi CX500-497    Msi CX623-025    Msi A6200-007    Msi CX623-I5443    Msi A6500-010US    Msi CR630-228US    Msi CR610-M3243W7P    Msi CX500-034    Msi CR700-206RU    Msi CX500-499BE    Msi A6200 Series    Msi CR610-013    Msi CX623X    Msi A6400 SERIES    Msi A5000 Series    Msi CR610-062NL    Msi CX700X    Msi A7200-027US    Msi CR500 Series    Msi A5000-026US    Msi CR610 MS-3801    Msi A5000-436US    Msi A5000-040US    Msi CR610 MS-6890    Msi CR600-001US    Msi A6203-097US    Msi A5000-222US    Msi CR610 MS-6891    Msi A6000-029US    Msi A6000-443US    Msi CX620 3D    Msi CX500X    Msi CX605X    Msi A6000-225US    Msi CR720X    Msi CX600X    Msi A5000-025US    Msi CX720X    Msi CX610X    Msi CX605M    Msi CR500X    Msi CR630X    Msi CX620MX    Msi CR600X    Msi CX620X    Msi CR610X    Msi CX705X    Msi CX705MX    Msi CX630    Msi CX720    Msi A7005    Msi GE700    Msi CX705    Msi CX623    Msi A6000 Series    Msi CX500    Msi CX620    Msi CR630    Msi CR700    Msi CR610    Msi A5000    Msi A6000   
Battery Rating: 11.1V
Battery Capacity: 6600mAh (74Wh)
Battery Cells: 9-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
Msi 91NMS17LD4SU1, 91NMS17LF6SU1, 957-173XXP-101, 957-173XXP-102, BTY-L74, BTY-L75, MS-1681, MS-1682, MS-1683, MS-1689, MS-168A, MS-168B, MS-1731, MS-1733, MS-1734, MS-1736, MS-1737
Compatible Laptop Models:
Msi CX500-607SK, CX700 ALL SERIES, CX623-033, A6200-040US, CX623-P6033W7P, A7200-CP6103, CR630-044PL, CR610-003HU, CX500-299, CR700-034, CR700-068XEU, CX500-T4543W7P, CR700-1734, CX623-043, A6200-021US, A6200-491US, CR600-013US, CR630-025XHU, CR610-006NE, CX500-403XBL, CR700-200BE, CX600-063US, CR610-3801, CX623-051NE, A6200-041US, CR610 Series, CR630-020NE, CR610-051, CX500-408IT, CX620-013XEU, CX623-055XHU, A6200-262C, CR630-010X, CR610-007PL, CX500-416XEU, CR700-070XSK, CX620-061, CX623-073CZ, A6200-461US, CR610-0W1XBL, CR620-692US, CR610-091XBL, CX500-428LUA, CR700-063X, CX623-006BE, CX623-079XPL, A6205 SERIES, CR610-028X, CR620-223US, CR610-M320, CX500-431UA, CR700-231, CX623-014XEU, CX623-085BE, A6203-097C, CR610-031LRU, CR620-030US, CX500-444NL, CR700X-029EU, CX623-018XBL, CX623-088X, A6300 SERIES, CR610-070X, CR720-690US, CR620 Series, CX500-472, CX600-064UK, CX623-02, A6000-030US, CX623-168A, A6300-089C, CR630-V1225W7P, C61M32-HDSB, CX500-004RU, CR700-047US, CX500-490L, CX700 Series, CX623-022XHU, A6000-226US, CX623-AS, CR630-P3443W7P, CR610-M1025W7P, CX500-016RU, CR700-099NL, CX500-498, A6005 Series, CX623-025NE, A6200-059US, CX623-I5443W7P, A7200-018US, CR630-088XYU, CX500-037LRU, CR700-211, CX500-604XBL, CX500-DX-638SK, CX700-053USK0910000533, CX623-033FR, A6200-038US, CX700-020US, A7200-CP6103W7H, CR600 Series, CR630-043XPL, CR610-005, CX500-299XEU, CR700-075, CR700-211FR, CX500-T6602G50SX, CR610-6891, CX623-048XUA, A6200-060US, A6200-492, CR600-017US, CR630-024XCZ, CR610-033, CX500-404X, CR700-202XEU, CX600-T4343W7P, CR610 C61M32-HDSB, CX623-052CZ, A6200-216C, CR610-001NL, CR630-018NL, CR610-058PL, CX500-414, CR700-T3035FD, CX620-019NE, CX623-056, A6200-220US, CR610-013UK, CR630-009, CR610-009PL, CX500-419XHU, CR700-220XCZ, CX620-223BE, CX623-076XHU, A6200-489US, CR610-050BE, CR620-691US, CR610-092XAR, CX500-429LUA, CR700-060X, CX623-007NE, CX623-081NL, A6205-046RU, CR610-026XCZ, CR620-033US, CR610-0W2XEU, CX500-432UA, CR700-205NE, CX623-015CZ, CX623-087X, A6203-098FR, CR610-063BE, CR600-076US, CX500-457, CR700-085FR, CX623-019X, A6000 MS1683 SERIES, CX623-088XHU, A6300-045C, CR610-081XHU, CR630-034X, CR700 Series, CX500-472RU, CX600-049US, CX623-020CZ, CX623-201, A6300-036F, CR630-V1225FD, CR610-M1005Q, CX500-006, CR700-204BE, CX500-492, CX605 Series, CX623-023NL, A6005-201US 6100-CM1205, CX623-I3743W7P, A6400-042US, CR630-BLU-RAY, CR610-M1226W7P, CX500-026L, CR700-013NL, CX500-498RU, A7200 Series, CX623-028BL, A6200-248US, CX623-I5647W7P, CR630-056, CR610-075AR, CX500-296BE, CR700-024, CX500-605XEU, CR700-071XHU, CX500-DX-639XEU, CX700-1731, CX623-034IT, A6200-039US, A6200-491, A7200-CP4603A, CR630-042PL, CR610-006, CX500-402XHU, CR700-2226, CX500-T6648W7P, CR610-6890, CX623-049NL, A6200-206US, A6200-492US, CR600-234US, CR630-022XIT, CX610-050BE, CX500-406TR, CR700-223LRU, CX620-008XEU, CX623-054XEU, A6200-215C, CR610-011IT, CR630-015CZ, CR610-059PL, CX500-414IT, CR700-038PL, CX620-035AU, CX623-058XBY, A6200-462US, CR610-016UK, CR630-002XUA, CR610-070XEU, CX500-427LUA, CR700-223L, CX623-005NL, CR720, CX623-079PL, A6200-689US, CR610-060XPL, CR620-690US, CR610-097RU, CX500-430LUA, CR700-221XSK, CX623-01, CX623-084NL, CR610-027XSK, CR620-031US, CR610-061XPL, CX500-441XCN, CR700-T6600, CX623-017XHU, CX623-087XEU, A6203-217FR, CR610-028XHU, CR720-265US, CX500-457RU, CX600 Series, CX623-019XEU, CX623-096UK, A6300-234US, CX500 Series, CR700-012US, CX500-476L, CX-600-T4343W7P, CX623-021SK, CX623-219, A6300-055X, CR630-V1216FD, CR610-M1023W7P, CX500-010TR, CR700-017CA, CX500-497, CX623-025, A6200-007, CX623-I5443, A6500-010US, CR630-228US, CR610-M3243W7P, CX500-034, CR700-206RU, CX500-499BE, A6200 Series, CR610-013, CX623X, A6400 SERIES, A5000 Series, CR610-062NL, CX700X, A7200-027US, CR500 Series, A5000-026US, CR610 MS-3801, A5000-436US, A5000-040US, CR610 MS-6890, CR600-001US, A6203-097US, A5000-222US, CR610 MS-6891, A6000-029US, A6000-443US, CX620 3D, CX500X, CX605X, A6000-225US, CR720X, CX600X, A5000-025US, CX720X, CX610X, CX605M, CR500X, CR630X, CX620MX, CR600X, CX620X, CR610X, CX705X, CX705MX, CX630, CX720, A7005, GE700, CX705, CX623, A6000 Series, CX500, CX620, CR630, CR700, CR610, A5000, A6000

Why Choose Us?

Original batteries have much longer-lasting life and a Longer standby time. Original cells are much more stable and 100% compatible with your laptop!

Order is easy. Buy Now-Fill Shipping Address-Pay Through Paypal-Order Successfully. An email with the tracking number will be sent to you after delivery.

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How to choose correct battery?

The shape of laptop battery and the location of connection must be as same as ours original battery.
Your battery part number or laptop model is listed on the compatibility list before making a purchase.

You also can send the picture of your old battery to us and we can help you to choose it.


Shipping & Payment

After receiving your order,we require some times to test the product to ensure its quality.The average processing time is 3 working days. The shipping methods we choose e-packet,usps,dhl or fedex.Normally it need 10-15 days can arrive by you.

For payment,we accepts PayPal,Credit Cards,Wire Transfer,Westem Union, as secure payment methods.


30-Days Money Back Guarantee
We promise that if you are not satisfied with which you ordered, you can return the afwefew and we will refund the amount you spent on the purchase within 30 days.

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We are absolutely confident of our and offer one year warranty on all products .

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For the security of your account, our payment methods are safe and trustworthy. We protect every client's privacy, so please buy with confidence!

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