MSI BTY-M6H Battery 3834mAh 41.43Wh for MSI GE62 MS-16J1 MS-16J2 Series

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Q: How long is the battery life?
Our battery was tested and checked well before shipment. Under the normal using condition, the life of the lithium battery is about 800-1000 times of cycles, so usually as far as possible to use the fast end (5-7%) in charge, the average use time is 5 to 8 years.
Q: How do I find the right battery?
Our search tool at the top of the website should give you the best results. Search by brand or part number to see if we have the right match for you.
Q: Need you charge battery for 12 hours in the first use?
No. Our batteries are lithium-ion batteries without memory effects. When the battery is fully charged, the charging current will be cut off automatically. Charging for 12 hours is wasting time.
Q: How to check if this battery is compatible with my laptop?
First, find out the part number of your old battery or the model name of your laptop (e.g. 'Dell Alienware M15X') and then match it with our product compatibility table. Second, please compare your old battery with our product images to make sure their shapes are the same. Finally, check the voltage (rating) is the same as the old one.
Q: How should we test battery?
1. Check if the customer has purchased the correct battery.
2. Check the battery's appearance and interface.
3. Test the battery's charger and recharge function.
4. Charger the battery to 100% and recharge to 0% to get the real battery's capacity.
5. Use Ev2300 to check the voltage difference of each group cell.
6. Charger battery power of more than 30%.
7. Package the battery carefully and send it out.
Q: How to replace and install my battery?
1. Turn your laptop over.
2. Find out the battery release button lock.
3. Press the battery release button, and pull the battery out of the laptop gently.
4. Insert the battery into the slot. Push your battery to the laptop and secure it in place.
Q: How to maintain my battery to extend its life?
1. Tweak Your Built-In Power Saving Options.
2. Adjust the brightness of your laptop display as much as possible within an acceptable range.
3. Disable unnecessary programs that draw energy from your notebook.
4. Keep your laptop and battery in a cool dry place.
5. Avoid Full Discharge.
MSI 3ICR19/65-2    MSI 3ICR19/66-2    MSI BTY-M6H    MSI MS-16J1    MSI MS-16J2    MSI MS-16J6,Msi 0017C5-402    Msi GE62    Msi GE62 2QC-232NL    Msi GE62 2QC-264XCN    Msi GE62 2QC-648XCN    Msi GE62 2QD APACHE PRO    Msi GE62 2QD-007XCN    Msi GE62 2QD-059XCN    Msi GE62 2QD-647XCN    Msi GE62 2QE-052CN    Msi GE62 2QE-053XCN    Msi GE62 2QE-216XCN    Msi GE62 2QF APACHE PRO    Msi GE62 2QF-255XCN    Msi GE62 6QC-489XCN    Msi GE62 6QC-490XCN    Msi GE62 6QC-867XCN    Msi GE62 6QD-026XCN    Msi GE62 6QD-060XCN    Msi GE62 6QD-237XCN    Msi GE62 6QF-013XCN    Msi GE62 6QF-057XCN    Msi GE62 6QF-202XCN    Msi GE62 6QF-203XCN    Msi GE62 7RD    Msi GE62 7RE-075    Msi GE62-2QD028XPL    Msi GE62-2QD481UK    Msi GE62-2QEWi78H11    Msi GE62-2QFUi716H11    Msi GE62-6QC    Msi GE62-6QD16H11    Msi GE62-6QE16H21    Msi GE62-6QF81FD    Msi GE62MVR 7RG-010    Msi GE62VR 6RF-010CN    Msi GE62VR-6RF16H11    Msi GE62VR-6RF316H21    Msi GE62VR-7RF    Msi GE62VR-7RF-296    Msi GE63 7RC-004    Msi GE63 7RD-005    Msi GE63 7RD-006DE    Msi GE63 8RE-222    Msi GE63 8RE-222DE    Msi GE63 8RF    Msi GE63 8RF-221    Msi GE63 Raider 7RD-021XES    Msi GE63 RAIDER RGB 8RF-039XES    Msi GE63 RAIDER RGB-010    Msi GE63VR 7RE    Msi GE63VR 7RE RAIDER-045UK    Msi GE63VR 7RE-033    Msi GE63VR 7RE-087    Msi GE63VR 7RF Raider    Msi GE63VR 7RF-014CZ    Msi GE63VR 7RF-040    Msi GE63VR 7RF-227XES    Msi GE63VR 7RF-234    Msi GE63VR 7RFX RAIDER PRO    Msi GE72    Msi GE72 2QC-257XCN    Msi GE72 2QD-018XCN    Msi GE72 2QD-035XPL    Msi GE72 2QD-059XCN    Msi GE72 2QDi716H11    Msi GE72 2QE-039CN    Msi GE72 2QE-040XCN    Msi GE72 2QF-258XCN    Msi GE72 6QC-287XCN    Msi GE72 6QC-289XCN    Msi GE72 6QD-001XCN    Msi GE72 6QD-033UK    Msi GE72 6QD161    Msi GE72 6QE81 Apache Pro    Msi GE72 6QF    Msi GE72 6QF-020XCN    Msi GE72 6QF-073XCN    Msi GE72 6QF8H11    Msi GE72 7RE APACHE PRO    Msi GE72 7RE-046    Msi GE72 APACHE PRO-070    Msi GE72-014UK    Msi GE72-2QFi7W16SR21BW    Msi GE72-6QC    Msi GE72-6QC048NL    Msi GE72-6QD161    Msi GE72-6QD8H21    Msi GE72-6QE81    Msi GE72-6QFi745FD    Msi GE72-7RD-036    Msi GE72-7RE-046    Msi GE72MVR-7RG-008    Msi GE72MVR-7RG-066    Msi GE72VR 6RF APACHE PRO 054UK    Msi GE72VR 6RF-013CN    Msi GE72VR APACHE PRO-009    Msi GE72VR APACHE PRO-024    Msi GE72VR APACHE PRO-852    Msi GE72VR-6RF316H21    Msi GE72VR-7RD    Msi GE73 7RC    Msi GE73 7RD RAIDER-007UK    Msi GE73 7RD-004    Msi GE73 8RE    Msi GE73 8RE-491XPL    Msi GE73 8RE-608    Msi GE73 8RF Raider RGB    Msi GE73 8RF-008    Msi GE73 8RF-215    Msi GE73 RAIDER RGB 8RF-050    Msi GE73 RAIDER-008    Msi GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-009NL    Msi GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-029ES    Msi GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-038SG    Msi GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-043DE    Msi GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-056UK    Msi GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-079MY    Msi GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-085TR    Msi GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-260IT    Msi GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-288ZA    Msi GE73VR 7RE-043DE    Msi GE73VR 7RE-096    Msi GE73VR 7RE-203XES    Msi GE73VR 7RF RAIDER    Msi GE73VR 7RF-039    Msi GE73VR 7RF-095    Msi GE73VR 7RF-204XDE    Msi GE73VR 7RF-407    Msi GE73VR RAIDER-003    Msi GE73VR RAIDER-067    Msi GE75    Msi GE75 8SG Raider    Msi GE75 Raider 8RF    Msi GE75 Raider 8SE-028CN    Msi GE75 Raider 8SF-027CN    Msi GE75 Raider 8SG-025CN    Msi GF62VR    Msi GF72 7RE-1076    Msi GF72VR    Msi GL62 6QC-037UK    Msi GL62 6QC-484UK    Msi GL62 6QD-021XCN    Msi GL62 6QD-409UK    Msi GL62 6QF-1277    Msi GL62 7QF-1660    Msi GL62 7QF-1670UK    Msi GL62 7RDX-1096    Msi GL62-6QD-030FR    Msi GL62-6QFi58S2FD    Msi GL62-6QFi781H11    Msi GL62M 7RD-1031XES    Msi GL62M 7RD-204NL    Msi GL62M 7RD-223CN    Msi GL62M 7RD-265    Msi GL62M 7RD-412CN    Msi GL62M 7RD-835XES    Msi GL62M 7RDX-1408    Msi GL62M 7RDX-1639    Msi GL62M 7RDX-2203XES    Msi GL62M 7RE-406    Msi GL62M 7RE-623    Msi GL62M 7REX-1252CN    Msi GL62M 7REX-1481CN    Msi GL62M 7REX-2273CH    Msi GL62M 7REX-2439    Msi GL62MVR 7RFX    Msi GL62MVR 7RFX-1046XES    Msi GL62MVR 7RFX-1272XES    Msi GL63 8RC    Msi GL63 8RC-088    Msi GL63 8RD-067    Msi GL63 8RD-086    Msi GL63 8RD-450IN    Msi GL63 8RD-691CN    Msi GL63 8RE-633CN    Msi GL72    Msi GL72 7QF    Msi GL72 7QF-1007UK    Msi GL72 7QF-1057    Msi GL72 7RD-028    Msi GL72 7RD-075XES    Msi GL72 7RD-634    Msi GL72M 7RDX-1422    Msi GL72M 7RDX-680XES    Msi GL72M 7REX-1423    Msi GL72MVR 7RFX-864XES    Msi GL72VR 7RF-632XES    Msi GL73 8RC-018    Msi GL73 8RC-032    Msi GL73 8RC-049CA    Msi GL73 8RC-054TW    Msi GL73 8RC-236XFR    Msi GL73 8RD    Msi GL73 8RD-031    Msi GL73 8RE-402    Msi GL73 8SE-010US    Msi GP62 2QE-215XCN    Msi GP62 6QG-1281CN    Msi GP62 7QF-1692    Msi GP62 7RD LEOPARD    Msi GP62 7RE-431XES    Msi GP62 7REX LEOPARD PRO    Msi GP62 LEOPARD PRO 7RD    Msi GP62-2QEA8H11    Msi GP62-2QEi585FD    Msi GP62-6QE8H11    Msi GP62-7RD    Msi GP62M 7RD LEOPARD    Msi GP62M 7RD LEOPARD-7RD-076DE    Msi GP62M 7RDX    Msi GP62M 7REX LEOPARD PRO    Msi GP62M 7REX WORLD OF TANKS EDITION    Msi GP62M 7REX-2621MY    Msi GP62M-7RD    Msi GP62MVR 6RF-215CN    Msi GP62MVR 7RF-400DE LEOPARD PRO    Msi GP62MVR 7RF-433CN    Msi GP62MVR 7RFX-1227XES    Msi GP62MVR LEOPARD PRO    Msi GP62MVR-6RF161    Msi GP62MVR-7RF Serie    Msi GP62MVRX    Msi GP62VR 7RF-453XES    Msi GP62VR-7RF    Msi GP62X LEOPARD PRO-1045    Msi GP63 8RD-409    Msi GP63 8RE-041XES    Msi GP63 8RE-216    Msi GP63 8RE-299    Msi GP63 8RE-468CN    Msi GP63 Leopard 8RD    Msi GP63 Leopard 8RE-013US    Msi GP63 Leopard 8RF-4868CN    Msi GP63 LEOPARD-041    Msi GP72    Msi GP72 2QE    Msi GP72 6QF LEOPARD PRO    Msi GP72 6QF-823NL    Msi GP72 7RD    Msi GP72 7RDX-488XRU LEOPARD    Msi GP72 7REX-612XES LEOPARD PRO    Msi GP72-2QDi581FD    Msi GP72-2QE    Msi GP72-2QEi7161    Msi GP72-6QD-231XTR    Msi GP72-6QE8H11    Msi GP72-6QF    Msi GP72M 7RDX-891    Msi GP72M 7REX    Msi GP72M 7REX-1245NL Leopard Pro    Msi GP72M 7REX-687NL    Msi GP72MVR 7RFX-621CN    Msi GP72MVR 7RFX-631    Msi GP72MVRX    Msi GP72VR 7RF    Msi GP72VR-6RFAC16H21    Msi GP72VR-7RF-269    Msi GP73 8RD-009    Msi GP73 8RE-080CA    Msi GP73 8RE-082    Msi GP73 8RE-630CN    Msi GP73 LEOPARD 8RE    Msi GP73 LEOPARD 8RF-415XES    Msi GV62 7RC    Msi GV62 7RE    Msi GV62 7RE-1457CN    Msi GV62 8RC    Msi GV62 8RC-035    Msi GV62 8RC-098CN    Msi GV62 8RD-093CN    Msi GV62 8RE-016US    Msi MS-1793    Msi PE62 7RD-1814XES    Msi PE62 7RE-2024XIN    Msi PE70 2QD    Msi PE70 7RD-086ES    Msi PE70-2QEI78H11    Msi PL62 7RC-001    Msi PL62 7RC-029    Msi PL62 7RC-051XES    Msi PL62 7RC-093    Msi PL62 7RC-270XIN    Msi PL62 7RD    Msi PL62 MX150 7300HQ   
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 10.8V
Battery Capacity: 3834mAh, 41.43Wh
Battery Color: Black
Weight: 310g
Cells Amount: 6-Cells
Battery Cell Quality: Genunie / Original Battery
Replace Part Number:
MSI 3ICR19/65-2,MSI 3ICR19/66-2, MSI BTY-M6H, MSI MS-16J1, MSI MS-16J2, MSI MS-16J6
Compatible Laptop Models:
Msi 0017C5-402, GE62, GE62 2QC-232NL, GE62 2QC-264XCN, GE62 2QC-648XCN, GE62 2QD APACHE PRO, GE62 2QD-007XCN, GE62 2QD-059XCN, GE62 2QD-647XCN, GE62 2QE-052CN, GE62 2QE-053XCN, GE62 2QE-216XCN, GE62 2QF APACHE PRO, GE62 2QF-255XCN, GE62 6QC-489XCN, GE62 6QC-490XCN, GE62 6QC-867XCN, GE62 6QD-026XCN, GE62 6QD-060XCN, GE62 6QD-237XCN, GE62 6QF-013XCN, GE62 6QF-057XCN, GE62 6QF-202XCN, GE62 6QF-203XCN, GE62 7RD, GE62 7RE-075, GE62-2QD028XPL, GE62-2QD481UK, GE62-2QEWi78H11, GE62-2QFUi716H11, GE62-6QC, GE62-6QD16H11, GE62-6QE16H21, GE62-6QF81FD, GE62MVR 7RG-010, GE62VR 6RF-010CN, GE62VR-6RF16H11, GE62VR-6RF316H21, GE62VR-7RF, GE62VR-7RF-296, GE63 7RC-004, GE63 7RD-005, GE63 7RD-006DE, GE63 8RE-222, GE63 8RE-222DE, GE63 8RF, GE63 8RF-221, GE63 Raider 7RD-021XES, GE63 RAIDER RGB 8RF-039XES, GE63 RAIDER RGB-010, GE63VR 7RE, GE63VR 7RE RAIDER-045UK, GE63VR 7RE-033, GE63VR 7RE-087, GE63VR 7RF Raider, GE63VR 7RF-014CZ, GE63VR 7RF-040, GE63VR 7RF-227XES, GE63VR 7RF-234, GE63VR 7RFX RAIDER PRO, GE72, GE72 2QC-257XCN, GE72 2QD-018XCN, GE72 2QD-035XPL, GE72 2QD-059XCN, GE72 2QDi716H11, GE72 2QE-039CN, GE72 2QE-040XCN, GE72 2QF-258XCN, GE72 6QC-287XCN, GE72 6QC-289XCN, GE72 6QD-001XCN, GE72 6QD-033UK, GE72 6QD161, GE72 6QE81 Apache Pro, GE72 6QF, GE72 6QF-020XCN, GE72 6QF-073XCN, GE72 6QF8H11, GE72 7RE APACHE PRO, GE72 7RE-046, GE72 APACHE PRO-070, GE72-014UK, GE72-2QFi7W16SR21BW, GE72-6QC, GE72-6QC048NL, GE72-6QD161, GE72-6QD8H21, GE72-6QE81, GE72-6QFi745FD, GE72-7RD-036, GE72-7RE-046, GE72MVR-7RG-008, GE72MVR-7RG-066, GE72VR 6RF APACHE PRO 054UK, GE72VR 6RF-013CN, GE72VR APACHE PRO-009, GE72VR APACHE PRO-024, GE72VR APACHE PRO-852, GE72VR-6RF316H21, GE72VR-7RD, GE73 7RC, GE73 7RD RAIDER-007UK, GE73 7RD-004, GE73 8RE, GE73 8RE-491XPL, GE73 8RE-608, GE73 8RF Raider RGB, GE73 8RF-008, GE73 8RF-215, GE73 RAIDER RGB 8RF-050, GE73 RAIDER-008, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-009NL, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-029ES, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-038SG, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-043DE, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-056UK, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-079MY, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-085TR, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-260IT, GE73VR 7RE RAIDER-288ZA, GE73VR 7RE-043DE, GE73VR 7RE-096, GE73VR 7RE-203XES, GE73VR 7RF RAIDER, GE73VR 7RF-039, GE73VR 7RF-095, GE73VR 7RF-204XDE, GE73VR 7RF-407, GE73VR RAIDER-003, GE73VR RAIDER-067, GE75, GE75 8SG Raider, GE75 Raider 8RF, GE75 Raider 8SE-028CN, GE75 Raider 8SF-027CN, GE75 Raider 8SG-025CN, GF62VR, GF72 7RE-1076, GF72VR, GL62 6QC-037UK, GL62 6QC-484UK, GL62 6QD-021XCN, GL62 6QD-409UK, GL62 6QF-1277, GL62 7QF-1660, GL62 7QF-1670UK, GL62 7RDX-1096, GL62-6QD-030FR, GL62-6QFi58S2FD, GL62-6QFi781H11, GL62M 7RD-1031XES, GL62M 7RD-204NL, GL62M 7RD-223CN, GL62M 7RD-265, GL62M 7RD-412CN, GL62M 7RD-835XES, GL62M 7RDX-1408, GL62M 7RDX-1639, GL62M 7RDX-2203XES, GL62M 7RE-406, GL62M 7RE-623, GL62M 7REX-1252CN, GL62M 7REX-1481CN, GL62M 7REX-2273CH, GL62M 7REX-2439, GL62MVR 7RFX, GL62MVR 7RFX-1046XES, GL62MVR 7RFX-1272XES, GL63 8RC, GL63 8RC-088, GL63 8RD-067, GL63 8RD-086, GL63 8RD-450IN, GL63 8RD-691CN, GL63 8RE-633CN, GL72, GL72 7QF, GL72 7QF-1007UK, GL72 7QF-1057, GL72 7RD-028, GL72 7RD-075XES, GL72 7RD-634, GL72M 7RDX-1422, GL72M 7RDX-680XES, GL72M 7REX-1423, GL72MVR 7RFX-864XES, GL72VR 7RF-632XES, GL73 8RC-018, GL73 8RC-032, GL73 8RC-049CA, GL73 8RC-054TW, GL73 8RC-236XFR, GL73 8RD, GL73 8RD-031, GL73 8RE-402, GL73 8SE-010US, GP62 2QE-215XCN, GP62 6QG-1281CN, GP62 7QF-1692, GP62 7RD LEOPARD, GP62 7RE-431XES, GP62 7REX LEOPARD PRO, GP62 LEOPARD PRO 7RD, GP62-2QEA8H11, GP62-2QEi585FD, GP62-6QE8H11, GP62-7RD, GP62M 7RD LEOPARD, GP62M 7RD LEOPARD-7RD-076DE, GP62M 7RDX, GP62M 7REX LEOPARD PRO, GP62M 7REX WORLD OF TANKS EDITION, GP62M 7REX-2621MY, GP62M-7RD, GP62MVR 6RF-215CN, GP62MVR 7RF-400DE LEOPARD PRO, GP62MVR 7RF-433CN, GP62MVR 7RFX-1227XES, GP62MVR LEOPARD PRO, GP62MVR-6RF161, GP62MVR-7RF Serie, GP62MVRX, GP62VR 7RF-453XES, GP62VR-7RF, GP62X LEOPARD PRO-1045, GP63 8RD-409, GP63 8RE-041XES, GP63 8RE-216, GP63 8RE-299, GP63 8RE-468CN, GP63 Leopard 8RD, GP63 Leopard 8RE-013US, GP63 Leopard 8RF-4868CN, GP63 LEOPARD-041, GP72, GP72 2QE, GP72 6QF LEOPARD PRO, GP72 6QF-823NL, GP72 7RD, GP72 7RDX-488XRU LEOPARD, GP72 7REX-612XES LEOPARD PRO, GP72-2QDi581FD, GP72-2QE, GP72-2QEi7161, GP72-6QD-231XTR, GP72-6QE8H11, GP72-6QF, GP72M 7RDX-891, GP72M 7REX, GP72M 7REX-1245NL Leopard Pro, GP72M 7REX-687NL, GP72MVR 7RFX-621CN, GP72MVR 7RFX-631, GP72MVRX, GP72VR 7RF, GP72VR-6RFAC16H21, GP72VR-7RF-269, GP73 8RD-009, GP73 8RE-080CA, GP73 8RE-082, GP73 8RE-630CN, GP73 LEOPARD 8RE, GP73 LEOPARD 8RF-415XES, GV62 7RC, GV62 7RE, GV62 7RE-1457CN, GV62 8RC, GV62 8RC-035, GV62 8RC-098CN, GV62 8RD-093CN, GV62 8RE-016US, MS-1793, PE62 7RD-1814XES, PE62 7RE-2024XIN, PE70 2QD, PE70 7RD-086ES, PE70-2QEI78H11, PL62 7RC-001, PL62 7RC-029, PL62 7RC-051XES, PL62 7RC-093, PL62 7RC-270XIN, PL62 7RD, PL62 MX150 7300HQ.

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Original batteries have much longer-lasting life and a Longer standby time. Original cells are much more stable and 100% compatible with your laptop!

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How to choose correct battery?

The shape of laptop battery and the location of connection must be as same as ours original battery.
Your battery part number or laptop model is listed on the compatibility list before making a purchase.

You also can send the picture of your old battery to us and we can help you to choose it.


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